Sire Bulls

      *All registered sire bulls at Meckley Farms have been Zoetis 50k genetic tested to ensure EPD accuracy.  The bulls are pasture wintered in contemporary groups of 5-10 bulls and fed a diet of free choice round bale hay, consisting mostly of an orchard grass and clover mixture with some alfalfa.  They are also fed 3-4 lbs. of 14% extra calf grain feed once a day and have access to a free choice 24% protein tub and a block mineral supplement.  These bulls are not pampered in any way and are definitely ready to go to work in your herd.

I. Registered Angus


1. HD JB D082                                    EPD                                                Watch Video of #082

2.  Answer in Time D856                                  EPD


II. Commercial Bulls


1. #111