Sire Bulls

      *All registered sire bulls at Meckley Farms have been Zoetis 50k genetic tested to ensure EPD accuracy.  All sire bulls are also tested free from Anaplasmosis and Bovine Leukosis.  They are pasture wintered in contemporary groups of 5-10 bulls and fed a diet of free choice round bale hay, consisting mostly of an orchard grass and clover mixture with some alfalfa.  They are also fed 3-4 lbs. of 14% extra calf grain feed once a day and have access to a free choice 24% protein tub and a block mineral supplement.  These bulls are not pampered in any way and are definitely ready to go to work in your herd.

Registered Angus


I.  Meckleys Total Secret ECl8

-The Best Heifer Bull of this Year’s Crop;  Top 2% CED and 3% BW EPD Coupled with Above Average Weaning and Yearling Ratios


Commercial Bulls


I.  9L

-Large-framed Sire Sure to Add Height and Length to Your Calves


Hereford Bulls


I.  Meckleys Mr. Legacy E316

-Top 5% Calving Ease Sire out of our Dam of Distinction MISS GHF BRIGADIER 075 752.

-Direct AI Son of the Select Sires Boyd’s Legacy 3001 Bull.

II.  Meckleys Mr. Lancelot E444

-Heavier Birth Weight Sire Perfect for More Mature Cows