Zoetis HD 50K Testing 


          The Zoetis High-Density 50,000-marker panel provides cattle producers the most dependable and predictable option in genetic evaluation for registered or recorded black Angus cattle in the United States. With dependable genetic information for 14 important and valuable traits, HD 50K is the beef industry’s first and only high-density DNA panel to identify more than 50,000 DNA markers for each tested animal. There is no other genomic tool as powerful to help producers predict genetic merit in young, unproven Angus cattle, specifically bulls.  Beginning in 2012, the HD 50K panel is capable of identifying parentage of a tested animal.  This added testing provides another tool to the producer when evaluating animals for future trait assessment and selectivity.
          Meckley Farms is dedicated to being on the forefront of genetics and genetic technology in all of our herds, especially our Angus.  All of the registered Angus females, replacement females and registered sire bulls at Meckley Farms have been HD 50k tested and/or performance tested to validate our outstanding genetics and ensure the reliability of our cattle.  The data is registered with the American Angus Association in order to give our producers the utmost confidence in the accuracy in our herd’s EPD’s.  We feel this testing is just another way for the modern cattleman to be certain they can buy with confidence in us and in the animal they are purchasing!


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