Sire Selection


           Meckley Farms is dedicated to selecting and using high accuracy sires on the females in our herds.  By strategically selecting these well-proven sires, we can be sure our calves will express the valued and necessary traits to become tomorrow’s herd sires and replacement heifers.  We use a collection of data to make these informed decisions, including the animal’s EPD, Growth/Test data, and Zoetis 50k genetic screening.  The commercial cattleman has been our #1 priority over the years, so an emphasis has always been placed on weaned cow-calf traits, such as calving ease, milk, $W, and weaning weight ratios (WW).  With continually rising feed and hay production costs, our focus on an animal’s energy values, such as daily matter and residual feed intake, has increased in recent years.  Carcass merit is the “money-maker” in the beef industry, so grid and feedlot indexes, ribeye/marbling EPD’s, and ultrasound scans are also important data we use to determine quality in our herd decisions.  Whether it’s AI or natural service, our selection process for sire use ensures the offspring will consistently perform in any condition and become productive members of our herd and yours.

                                  Meckley Farms Sire Data Selection Criteria (In order of importance):

  1. Calving Ease (CEM/CED) EPD–Greater than 7                    6. Average Daily Gain (RADG)–Greater than .2

2. Birth weight (BW) EPD–Zero/Negative value                       7.  Dollar Beef ($B) index–Greater than $95

       3. Weaning Weight (WW) EPD–Greater than 45                    8.  Ribeye (RE) EPD–Greater than .5                 

4. Dollar weaning ($W) index–Greater than $40                      9.  Milk EPD–Values range between 25-35

   5. Yearling Weight (YW) EPD–Greater than 85                      10. Marbling (Marb) EPD–Greater than .5     

           We understand that not every farm and ranch have the same production goals in mind.  Therefore, each operation needs to personalize the progeny values to fit their program and achieve a desired objective.  As you begin selecting your new sire or replacement heifer, give us a call or email.  Meckley Farms would be more than happy to assist you in selecting for important market traits, understanding the data/EPD, and/or researching an animal’s genetic background to ensure you choose a structurally and genetically sound sire/female.  We would like to be part of one of the most important production decisions on your farm!

Top 10 Angus Sires By Registrations:  2015-2017

*Meckley Farms Sire

Number of animals registered 
Ranking Sire Name 2015 2016 2017 Total 
1 AAR Ten X 7008 5 SA 7,606 6,774  4,094 18,474
2 Connealy Black Granite 1,545 4,197  4,179   9,921   
3 GAR Prophet 4,028 3,658  2,094   9,780
4 SAV Resource 1441 1,938  2,777  4,048   8,763
5 Deer Valley All In 1,643 3,610  2,821    8,074    
6 Connealy Consensus 7229 4,181 2,385  1,375    7,941   
7 Connealy Capitalist 028 1,717 2,946  2,245    6,908   
8 Hoover Dam 2,983 2,128  1,415   6,526  
9 R B Tour of Duty 177* <1,179  4,532  5,837 10,369
10 Quaker Hill Rampage* <1,179  2,432  5,557   7,989